My Mission is to lift other’s awareness of the mind, body and breath.  By doing so we can rise into our highest self and expand all that is possible in the world around us.





“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, rather, it transforms from one form to another”

– Law of Conservation of Energy


My yoga journey began as an on and off practice during high school, very casual and mostly geared towards fitness goals.


During my Sophomore year of college, I fell ill and my body began to shut down. I avoided the problems for months and then spent the rest of the year being treated in multiple doctors offices, late night emergency room trips and endless medications that seemed to have no effect.


I realized my body was really trying to communicate with me and guide me into the beginning of an intense healing process that I needed so desperately.   I had so much built up anger, stress and pain that I had been holding onto for years and didn’t even know it was there.


I finally made the decision after much thought, to stray away from Western medicine and began to work on solving this problem from within. I started by discontinuing all medications, changing my diet, and beginning a regular practice of yoga and meditation.  For 30 days I took excellent care of my health,  prioritized my goals and removed myself from any toxic environments and relationships I had been in.  I look back at this time and truly, the one word that comes to mind is SHEDDING, and a lot of it.


My true healing began with my breath and the rest followed naturally.  I had a yoga teacher whom I am forever grateful for, guide me in extensive detail on how to breathe into my deepest self rather than just brushing the surface.


I remember this day so clearly because I couldn’t get enough of this cleansing breath technique.  Learning how much power our Prana (our life force) has is when I began to notice my health and strength beginning to improve.


It was like a wave of relief washed over my entire body.  I had been looking at life in all the wrong ways and from that day forward I made a commitment to myself that I would spread this knowledge and by the following summer I had completed my first yoga teacher training.


Everything you are and want to be is already within you. We are all made up of the same elements, we are of the stars, the plants and the earth, just one big system striving to work in unison.


Knowing that what you say and write has the power to change everything is the first step I took from this point on in my healing journey and the rest is history.  Naturally, as life seems to unfold with blessings and challenges, I know I always have my yoga & meditation practice to turn to in gratitude or in guidance.


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