the Yin and the Yang

I always hear that the healing process is either beautiful or that it’s messy as hell… Lately I have learned to love how the yin and the yang (the dark and the light) compliment each other in such a unique way that you truly cannot have one without the other.



Sometimes I ask: what am I even healing from? Am I wasting my time? And immediately my mind races through the millions of thoughts per second and overwhelms me with my TRUTH.




This used to literally break my heart. I was so fragile and would spend hours analyzing the past and things I can’t change. I gave up hope countless times.
But now, this energy is simply the fuel I require to reach the next milestone I have set intentions for in my life. ⛽️ Self love is so much more than a weekly yoga class and an acai bowl. (Although they help)
It has taken me YEARS to get this through my stubborn mind. Why couldn’t it be an easy $20 fix?



Self love is a state of mind. It is the power of waking up each day with the promise to shine your brightest, setting intentions and treating yourself and others with the same respect you promise to treat the sacred intention(s) you have set.



It’s also about learning which voice to listen to, the one of doubt and fear can be so convincing, but if you dig a little deeper you will feel the one that gives you strength and leads you to the light. The one that quiets the mind and brings tranquility.
I’m sharing this in the hopes that anyone who is in this process as well can read this, maybe relate, but most importantly, to remind you to never give up even on the darker days. Without the clouds we would never be able to appreciate the sun and it’s warmth ☀️💛

Inspired by @youareluminous latest Instagram post!!

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