A moment in the shadow ♥

How is everyone feeling post eclipse? Almost a week after this powerful moment in time and the energy is still very potent in my life!


How relevant, another sign of the yin and the yang, that spoke so deeply to me during the total solar eclipse in Oregon last week. Such a common theme of my life lately.


It began as a trip joining my mother, the eclipse chaser, and seemed at the time of the invitation important to attend due to the FOMO (fear of missing out). So many people packed their bags globally to see this phenomena.

It later turned into something that instilled so much fear inside of me I nearly cancelled the entire trip.  I was warned (and how silly of it not to occur to me naturally) of the intense energetic effects the eclipse can have on living beings.  Especially on a sensitive and highly intuitive individual like myself.


I began researching ALL of the history that has been documented about these rare moments of darkness, aruvedic advice, history that stemmed back to ancient hindu cultures and even an iranian tradition called Zoroastrianism.


Hindu mythology describes an eclipse to be the time when the serpent demons Rahu and Ketu take the life and light away from the earth.  It absolutely made sense to me that such a rare time of darkness in the middle of the day could have a deeper energetic meaning than just the moon blocking the sun.


I was finding very negative and intimidating results until I stumbled across a practice called Zoroastrianism,  an Iranian tradition that traces back over 3500 years ago.


The days approaching this magical Monday were highly emotional and conflicting for myself and many others I spoke with.  I did all that I could to treat myself with loving kindness as the morning approached and the the sky began to shift around 9am. I was feeling sensations in my entire body.  I surrounded myself with white light, grounding essential oil blends of Ylang Ylang and Cypress as well as my mother, sister and best friend.


I read my book and journaled as totality approached.  I sat on the ground, burning sage and holding my white candle in my left hand for protection (following the Zoroastrian tradition). Before I knew it darkness had taken hold of our Monday morning unlike any other. The temperature dropped drastically, the cool air and energy from the excitement around was stimulating in every way imaginable.  I could tell the thousands of surrounding people (spiritual or not) could feel these intensity of this astrological event.

At this time, I reflected on ALL of the dark parts inside of me, all the the energy that has no longer been serving me and all of the anger I have been holding on to for many lifetimes.  With this darkness and along with the Zoroastrian tradition, I relinquished control.


I gave myself permission to heal and to allow my light to shine through brighter than ever before.


Two seemingly long minutes later, the moon continued in its orbit away from the sun and the light appeared bright and beautiful again.  The visuals were indescribable and the physical sensations were uplifting to say the least.


Whether you had the chance to physically see the eclipse or felt the energy from the comfort of your home, I believe we can all use the next few weeks as a time to truly shift our thoughts and listen to our bodies.  Below is a quote that really spoke to me following the eclipse, exemplifying the powerful energy that will be unfolding for all who are open to it in the coming weeks.


Many blessings and if you have any eclipse stories or sensations to share I would absolutely love to hear them and debrief.  Namaste ♥

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