Fear is in the eye of the beholder

Coming to terms with fear: In all honesty I am afraid of the violence in the world, I’m afraid of having nightmares, I am afraid of guns and weapons. I am afraid of being abandoned. I am afraid of bugs and needles. Sometimes, I am afraid of being alone. Other times, I am afraid of having to speak in front of a large group. I am too scared to take the garbage out at night, let alone go for a walk after dark. I get nervous when I get behind the wheel, never knowing what fate has in store for me.

What I am not afraid of is death and thats my biggest fear of all. I am afraid of ‘dying’ and the painful process myself and those I love would have to go through. But, overall death does not intimidate me. What a price to pay to travel to the next life, hopefully far away from this world of hate and judgement.


All of these fears contradict one another and are so situational. I feel safe when I am around family or in the arms of a loved one. I feel safe in my mind when I am practicing yoga or meditating. I find comfort in music, essential oils, baths and body work. I dream of a life where I can simplify my life to consist of only these things…

But for now, I vow to live my life doing the things that make me feel safe, intertwining each of these things with the world outside of my front door.

Just felt really called to share my fears and remind everyone that its okay to FEEL. Lately i feel like it is such a “hush hush” subject and the regular response i receive it “you can’t live in fear” etc. (which is true) but not always an available option considering the circumstance of society…


Yours Truly,


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