I saw this sign in San Francisco over the weekend and it really spoke to me. Upon seeing it, handfuls of names and experiences began to flood my mind. I was intrigued by what I label as “damaged” in my life and what was coming up for me.

The whole car ride home I thought to myself “how can I show myself the MOST love today” and the answers appeared before me.

My tendency to rush and be in control slowly relinquished and I can’t remember the last time I had been that present with myself in a ‘joyful’ state.

All too often I see my presence when I have overwhelming emotions or fears, which is why turning inward can be so intimidating at times. But, the universe pleasantly (and quickly) reminds me how much easier life is when I am at ease and trust in the flow.

We are all only human, made to be and feel EVERYTHING. We are infinite in what we can handle and I am learning to show gratitude to the times in life that allow me to practice patience and learn how much stronger I have gotten as time goes on.


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