Day 4 Heart Chakra

Day 4: Heart Chakra – Anahata
Location: Heart
Essential Oil: Frankincense
I was at the farmers market yesterday, I noticed a cute vendor with handmade jewelry and began looking at the rings. She had many different designs and gemstones and I tried on each and every one. Finally, I picked up a golden band with a pink stone and the lady noticed my interest, “That’s rose quartz and it represents unconditional love” she said happily.

I laughed to myself and immediately handed her my card to pay. I wondered if she said that to everyone as I admired my new shiny ring and wandered into the market.
Sometimes I feel like my heart is a fountain which is why writing about this Chakra is challenging for me to do. Why challenging you may ask? Well this fountain flows constantly but the basin, or collection point, can quickly reach max capacity which leaves me to deal with all the energy I have picked up throughout the day. Empathy and compassion are two sensations that visit me often and in full form. My ability to connect with those around me, friends, yoga clients, partners, even strangers (you would be surprised at the situations that present themselves to me in this practice) can catch me off guard at times. It is truly a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply. Gratefully, I have learned many tools over the years to transform this energy within and use it for good. For example, practicing yoga, burning sage, meeting with healers, making tea and setting intentions. So many small things that can be done to hold space for yourself in order to process ‘life’ day in and day out.

Anyways back to unconditional love, we all hear people talking about this deep desire that lies within the heart. Something so many of us strive to reach when all along its all we have ever been. Its so easy for us to spend time focusing on the people who cause conflict in our lives when in fact we have the village that takes care of us, shows us love and stands by our side no matter what. Even if it is not your immediate family, we have all made these connections around us who, blood or not, who we call family. •MORE IN COMMENTS•
Delete CommentmaddiemmDo you ever notice in a relationship that you begin to lose your sense of self? Suddenly your life becomes intertwined with someone else’s and you can barely remember what your hobbies are? While this can be a beautiful symbiosis, it has to be done correctly. The heart chakra struggles so much in these kinds of situations because all it wants is boundless and unhurt love, yet the more love you try and give/receive, the more pain that seems to come your way.

That is why it is so important, trust me I am still learning, but have heard it time and time again that you can never lessen or diminish your own values and boundaries. It sounds so ‘war zone’ to have boundaries but really we all know ourselves best, we know what works and what doesn’t. I am slowly learning that the only way to have a successful healthy relationship is to establish those boundaries from the beginning and hold respect for your own and your partners needs. Just some food for thought to start off the morning!


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More later! -M

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