Day 5: Throat Chakra

Throat Chakra – Visuddha
Location: Throat
Essential Oil: Rose

I am so stoked to be talking about the Throat Chakra this morning! This past year has been such an expanding experience as far as building my voice. I have been working on my confidence when speaking in front of groups, and not hesitating to share what I am called to share, even if I know what I say may not resonate with everyone else. I have found so much joy in sharing positivity and pleasantly surprised by the amount of people who do resonate with what I have to say. It brings me joy to feel connected with others and be able to share vulnerability in a constructive and productive way. I believe we should all try to be a little more soft 💝

We have been building up to this Chakra for 4 days now, working from the root up, establishing personal power and truth. Here we are able to verbalize all that we are, or at least start the practice.
Opening this point in the body can be done through singing, chanting, sounding HUM and feeling the vibrations directly in the throat.
:Once you feel your truth can be spoken you can then focus on listening. The more you are able to embody your highest self the better you will be able to hear others and help them tune into themselves. 💓🙏

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