Day 6: Third Eye Chakra

Day 6: Third Eye Chakra – Ajna
Location: Between the eyebrows
Essential Oil: Vetiver

Just when you thought you only had two eyes… haha! 👁 The Third Eye is such a powerhouse in our body. Not only is it working within us, the third eye is essentially our portal to consciousness and universal wisdom.
I first learned about intuition from two of my meditation teachers here in Sonoma County. Hearing these strong, powerful women coach me on feeling the sensations in my body was very powerful. It has been challenging to learn what to listen to in the body and what not to (i.e. temptations that “feel” right but really truly you know they will only cause harm). This is all about digging a little deeper to be able to separate the head, heart and body when making healthy decisions.
The sound relating to the Third Eye is AUM (om) another great way to connect to this higher power is through meditation and mantras.
Speak these mantras to yourself throughout the day, it even helps if you write them down or come up with a few of your own!
I trust my inner guide.
My deepest wisdom comes from within.
I see truth.
I make conscious decisions and trust the way.
I am the source.

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