Day 7 : Crown Chakra

Day 7: Crown Chakra – Sahasrara
Location: Upper back of skull
Essential Oil: Lavender

Post teaching yoga and personal mental health day off I am so grateful for everyone who tuned in this past week & will def do more of these in the future. Please message me if you have anything you would like me to talk more about etc! much love!!πŸ’™πŸ’™ The Crown Chakra πŸ‘‘ is located upon and around the skull. Reaching a state of consciousness and enlightenment is a messy process. As much as we want it to be yoga and green juice (I have blogged about this in the past) it appears more as tears, ending toxic relationships, heartbreak and a lot of change. But fear not, all of this is in service to us as we learn to understand and become one with the mystical world.
Seeing plants and ecosystems and feeling at one with your surroundings are little ways we can see openings in the Crown Chakra, an expansion of awareness. Finding the divine connection in all things in the universe is a magical way to live your life. Eventually you don’t even have to seek these things as they will begin to naturally appear before you.
Are you able to catch yourself in patterns or notice things or interactions getting in the way of you reaching your highest self? Do you notice your thought patterns coming from the ego rather than the heart? These are a couple wonderful ways to begin reprogramming your brain and creating a higher quality of life for yourself. The more positivity you extend the more you receive back, no doubt about it. Share your gifts and live out of love. 🌹🌎

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