Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

So I am totally speaking from personal experience here but I have been connecting a lot of things in my life lately and what I am going to talk about is identity and how we relate to that in different scenarios in our lives.

So the first scenario that came to mind is this: imagine you are in a nightclub, maybe you had a few drinks and you are dancing, having a great time with your friends and the DJ calls out all the ladies/ girls/females in the room. You identify as a woman, what do you do? Raise your hand and cheer along with all the other tipsy gals? HELL YEA! I immediately identify with this label, so therefore it draws me into become more present to the moment  and really have that connection with myself.

As a female and all that I would define that as, a sexual being, a creator, a representation of light & beauty. Feeling my body and dancing, smiling, laughing, having a great time with my friends, this really is a moment of happiness and expression. Even in my silly nightclub example, but I was thinking it was something a lot of us could relate to.



Another place where I find this identity alert system going off in my mind is anytime I’m out an about and realize that I am within the realm of another yoga teacher or someone in the spiritual community. This is an identity that resonates strongly with me so if I am in a public place and hear someone talking about Buddhism, mindfulness, present moment,

healing, plant medicine… the list goes on and on, I immediately gravitate towards these people and am eager for a conversation. At times I feel closer to my spiritual family than my blood family because of the deep understanding and respect we hold for one another. One day I hope to have these parts of my life overlap more:)




Another ‘label’ I noticed that I strongly identify with is  ‘anxiety’ and ‘depression’. This one really struck me in all the ways it needed to. When considering this identity I think about the multiple doctors, therapists, family members and even myself who have told me over the years that my symptoms are simply because of ‘depression’ and ‘anxiety’.

I have incorporated these labels to really be a part of who I am. What’s funny to me is all of the healing work I do and all the therapy and time and money I have spent working on myself and yet I still consider these labels to be a part of me. I really feel like the root of this is that I am not giving myself the permission or credit to heal because the work I have done is outstanding.


I am now realizing that this may have had a HUGE negative impact in my life as well as anyone else who puts this label on themselves or has had someone else tell them that this is who they are.  If you resonate with this label, please know I am holding the most sincere space for you to release it and heal in whatever way that means to you. 



What a scary thought for almost 10+ years I have embodied this sense of self.  Luckily, right this very second I (or anyone else) can make the conscious decision to be happy and free from all the labels that dont feel right. That does not mean I won’t have a bad day every so often, but I certainly don’t need to be carrying these heavy chains with me EVERYWHERE I go.


I just felt really called to share these examples and realizations I have been having because I know a lot of friends and people I work with are struggling with depression and anxiety as well. What percentage of the people you know would say they have “anxiety” or “depression??”


Also wanted to throw out that in no way am I saying these aren’t real medical issues or that they dont need treatment. By all means if you are working with a professional keep doing so. Pretending you don’t have problems is way worse than actually addressing them.

I am simply trying to open up a mental portal inviting the idea that what you say aloud will likely manifest. So next time you decide you are not getting out of bed because of anxiety, try blaming it on wanting to get some extra rest so you can thrive and be well… Creating positive connotations as far as what we identify as is such an important step in solidifying who you are during transitioning times in life.



More Later,





P.S. None of the images used are mine <3 Shoutout to Google Stock Photos!

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