sunsets, pad thai, priceless conversations and the Island of Love!

I have been so present moment that I have barely had a chance to blog the past couple weeks…I have however been journaling and experiencing the Thai culture like no other! But, being on my computer has seemed to be the last thing I want to do during my holiday.  I did want to come on this evening as I complete my yoga retreat here in Koh Samui @ Vikasa Yoga Resort to share some experiences I have had.







The beginning of my trip started out as a typical solo backpacker hostel staying adventure, drinking beers with new friends, googling fun adventures, renting scooters and seeing a new town with the naked eye.  I have really steered away from the drinking lifestyle in America but here I didn’t mind it much. Plus its so hot (high 80’s everyday) that you sweat it out immediately and never feel badly at all! (so long as you stay hydrated) 


Anyways, I was happy to have had all the fun, priceless moments with the life long friends I have made on this journey in Thailand.  I have fallen in love with so many souls on this island, locals, women, men, children, plants, the mummy of Dang Piyasilo still intact, sounds, magic gardens, ancient statues and more.  I have never felt more safe and at home until I made the journey to Koh Samui. 


After a hard day receiving some news from back home I noticed my mood getting down, so I went on a last second excursion with all my bags to meet my friends I had made in China at their villa on this foreign island of Koh Samui.


I took a 2 hour ferry and during this boat ride arranged a taxi with a local (3 hours through the jungle of Krabi) to then get on another almost 2 hour ferry, keep in

mind language barriers, time tables for ferry’s, and the cost of all this spontaneous travel.


Next I was dropped off after an hour “tuk tuk” ride and a 25km scooter bonanza that had me in tears from how lost I was.  (another thing to keep in mind is my phone only operates on wifi, i.e. maps or anything for that matter were not working)



I made it to my destination and jumped in the pool with all my clothes on! Talk about a million dollar view to get my mind right and the amazing friends awaiting my arrival <3 


This is just one of the many adventures I have experienced but goes to show even people you have only known for a matter of hours or days can be so close to your heart.   This land, so warm and so beautiful, has such a powerful and positive influence over my life.  I love seeing the locals here work their asses off and still happier than any American’s I know. So dedicated loyal and talented as they work with the resources they have and oh so generous.  


Many blessings as I leave Koh Samui tomorrow morning, giving me all the feels but the memories are forever in my heart! <3

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