My Top 6 Travel Health Accessories!

Lately (especially during travels) I have found many unique ways to care for my health.  Whether I have my full stocked cabinet at home or am living out of a backpack on the road I have a few essentials I always carry with me that have proven themselves useful over the past year!

  1. On Guard or Thieves Essential Oil!
    1. example 1: sore throat? feeling an illness coming on? a couple drops in the back of the throat with some water and wellness is on its way. You can find on Amazon or order Thieves directly through me and my Young Living account!
    2. example 2: Toe Infection! Yes gross, but it happens and I was in so much pain i could barley walk. Talk about a manicure gone wrong on my toe nail that had already fallen off in Iceland last May (long story)! Anyways, a day or 2 of dropping the oil on it and boom, cured! Like magic!
  2. Dry ShampooNeed I say more on this one? I Love “Not Your Mother’s” and “LUSH” of course!
  3. HD Clear by DoterraFeeling a breakout on your skin coming along, have a night out and don’t want the pimple ruining your selfies? This has been a God sent and clears up acne so quick I almost forget I have it.  Using all natural E.O.’s its a great alternative to the pharmaceutical drugs that a MD would offer. 
  4. Tom’s Naturally Dry Anti Perspirant- Toms has many different deodorants but the Powder light green one is by far the best!
  5. Crystals and SageI always keep a little meditation pouch on me for mental health.  If anything gets overwhelming I pull out these items and remind myself to stay grounded and happy!
  6. SunscreenSave your skin! You are bound to get a burn on a long vacay but the more you apply and keep it consistent the more protection you and tour skin have!


These are just a small handful of items that I always keep on me.  I have not been paid by any of these companies (although I wouldn’t mind it) I just love spreading information and tools that work for me in hopes that others will benefit from it too! Safe travels and many blessings! xx


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