About Maddie

Maddie Doing Yoga

Why Choose Yoga with Maddie?


Maddie is continuously studying  yoga and meditation for the past several years. This includes healing for both the mind and the body. Her E-RYTT 200 hour certification course was taken in her hometown of San Diego at Infinite Yoga with Dana Rae Parre in July of 2015. The training focused mainly on the primary practice of Ashtanga yoga. She is now pursuing her mission of helping others experience the healing and beneficial aspects of yoga with this knowledge.


Maddie likes to teach yoga in group settings at Sonoma State University (SSU) and area gyms. She also provides yoga therapy to private clients.


Lately, she has been working with a local youth rehabilitation program. Mainly by introducing them to the practices of mindfulness, energy healing and yoga. This aspect of her career is not only rewarding but also very necessary in the healing process of her young clients as they work through the challenges of adolescence.

Maddie is currently a senior at SSU and will graduate in 2017 having studied Earth Science, Geology and Paleontology. Prior to pursuing the sciences, she studied education at SSU as well as film photography. She practiced early childhood education techniques in jobs at preschool and elementary schools in both Northern and Southern California.  

Maddie’s recent passion in the healing arts is the study of aromatherapy and its use in mindfulness, stress relief and relaxation. Connecting all of the senses during a yoga practice deepens relaxation and increases awareness.  


She is the president and founder of the Sonoma State Yoga & Wellness Club where she is able to offer a safe space for healing and practice for students and staff on campus.