“Yoga has brought so much peace and joy to my life, and I have Maddie to thank for that.  She is a wonderful teacher and always takes into consideration all aspects of her clients experience and comfort level.”
– Tiffany Adibi – San Diego, CA




“Maddie makes yoga- which can be daunting for the inflexible- easy and approachable for all.  She ensures that you are relaxed and centered with a carefully selected essential oil.  Her voice is confident and clear, guiding you through your practice, leading you to push your limits and discover new sensations throughout your body.  When finished, you will feel cleansed and limber, with a final dash of essential oils you will be ready to take on the day, eagerly awaiting your next yoga session with Maddie.”

– Luca Myers – Sebastopol, CA




“My experience with Sonoma State Yoga and Maddie has been nothing but excellent. The peaceful and welcoming environment is a great way to end your school days. I’m grateful to Maddie and the rest of the yoga club for providing a great introduction to the world of yoga.”
– Lee Hughes – Rohnert Park, CA