Wellness Workshops

Guided Meditations: Experience full bliss as Maddie guides you through a number of meditation techniques.  Imagine this full state of relaxation as you are surrounded by candlelight, warm tea and the scent of your favorite oil blend being diffused close by.  Allowing the mind to become quiet and the breath to become potent we are able to restore the body both physically and emotionally.   


Yoga & Rehabilitation:  During times of temptation it can seem nearly impossible to quiet the mind.  Working with an individual or a group, Maddie’s goal is to open the “spiritual door” and allow clients to enter at their own pace.  Beginning with simple and repetitive asanas (poses) and slowly working into breathwork and energy healing, she strives to introduce yoga as a healing art and provide support in a healthy and stimulating environment.  
*Inquire by email/phone about group or single workshops to receive a quote